Monday, June 22, 2015

Welcome to the newest segment here at 2HT.  A little something I call One From the Vaults.  Here, you'll find reviews of older horror films and unsung classics, most from my personal collection.  Being that Father's Day is this month, I wanted to review something that was within the realm of Dad related horror.  My first instinct was to review Creepshow, if only for the opening story and the wraparound segment starring the great Tom Atkins.  But as I was glancing at my collection of VHS tapes, I found an old favorite that I almost always forget sits on my shelf.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Michael Myers is Coming Home!

I try to stay away from too much horror movie "News" on this page.  Mostly because I know that the rumor mill can turn out stories that sound like gospel, then get debunked, causing the writer to retract.  But the combination of what the news regards and the legitimacy of the sources has gotten me too excited NOT to say anything.  

Michael Myers is returning to Haddonfield.  More importantly, it will go back to John Carpenter's continuity that ended with 1981's Halloween II.  The plot description is after the jump.