Sunday, June 4, 2017

Review: Pool Party Massacre

Pool Party Massacre is an interesting study on millennial culture and how they interact with one another during social functions that revolve around water based activities.  Just kidding.  With a title like that, you have to expect a little more than that!

I've always loved any slasher flick that has the word "Massacre" in the title.  Aside from those involving Texas or slumber parties, there have been plenty of titles that end with this moniker.  What the majority of these films have in common, aside from the similar titles and their penchant for creative kills and pretty girls who need no excuse to undress, are the fact that most of them came out around the 80s and 90s.  Of course PPM was made about a year ago.  But aside from the use of smart phones, you'd never really know.  From its Commodore 64 inspired opening titles, complete with an MIDI version of the film's score, it's all throwback baby!  Writer/Director Drew Marvick is wearing his heart on his sleeve and planting his tongue firmly in his cheek with an homage to the classic genre.

All Tiffany and her friends wanted was a relaxing day by the pool.  And I mean by the pool.  God forbid they get their hair wet.  But someone is out to see that they do get their hair wet.....with blood!  Will Tiffany and her friends be able to stop the slaughter before the pool party ends?

This little number was a fun ride.  Campy dialogue, beautiful girls and awesomely creative kills kept me entertained all the way up to the movie's climax.  I loved that the killer used a different weapon for each death, as well as the creative way (s)he got access to said weapons.  The film does drag a tiny bit in places and some of the characters are annoying, even by campy standards.

As summer comes upon us, check out Pool Party Massacre, available on DVD and Blu-Ray right now!

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